Europe: Romania

Current Status: unknown

Press Council: Romania

Clubul Roman de Presa, Romanian Press Club

Casa Presei Libere
Corp B3, etaj 2, cam. 61,
Sector 1, Bucuresti

Tel: (+4) 021 317 89 38

Fax: (+4) 021 317 89 38



The Romanian Press Club is a nongovernmental, nonpolitical, holding its own legal personality in autumn 1998,  leadership is provided by the Honorary Board, collegial debate and decision-making body composed of members elected.

The Romanian Press Club aims to actively participate in improving the quality of Romanian press and the formation of a favorable business environment for media companies.

The Club is the first professional association of Romanian media that created a code of ethics of the journalist, accepting members in the association being made only under the observance of these rules. Its open to media companies, companies in related fields, journalists, non-governmental organizations.

Updated: 22/08/2017