Europe: Poland

Current Status: active

Press Council: Poland

Stowarzyszenie Dziennikarzy Polskich, Polish Journalists Association 

Krzysztof Skowroński (president)

Piotr Legutko (vice president)                                                                                   

Marcin Wolski (vice president)

Foksal 3/5
00-366 Warszawa


tel./fax (22) 827 87 20,



The Polish Journalists Association is the oldest and the world's most authoritative organization of journalism in Poland. It has helped to democratize Poland, especially in 1956 and 1980-81 and was active during martial law. Today it is involved in initiatives aimed at building the rule of law and civil society.

As stated in the articles of association, the Association is a voluntary, non-profit, professional association of journalists. It currently has over 2,700 members. It has 16 branch offices in major Polish cities. 

The basic statutory objectives are to enusre reliable information to the public through the media, to support the work of journalists, professional ethics of journalists and protection of their rights. The Association carries out its activities in various forms, including organising conferences and seminars, discussions, contests, and mainining contacts with foreign countries (SDP is a member of the International Federation of Journalists IFJ in Brussels).


Updated: 17/08/2017