Europe: France

Current Status: unknown

Press Council: France

Syndicat National des Journalistes, National Union of Journalists 

Vincent Lanier (Secretary General)

33 rue du Louvre

Paris 75002

Tel: +33 1 42 36 84 23



The National Union of French Journalists was founded on January 9, 1918 by fifteen journalists in Paris. The group was formed out of the Association of Journalists and unionised journalism as a profession. 

The union also pledged to "defend the association and professionalism" and drafted four goals for the organisation:

1. Promote the fraternity of the association

2. Promote respect for the profession and act as a moral council

3. Ensure labour protection rights 

4. Form a press club


France does not have an offical press council as a regulator; the press is regulated by the goverenment. This body is a press club and union. 

Updated: 22/08/2017