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The Turkish Press Council was founded by 141 "working journalists," with support of some publishers in February 1988 in Istanbul. The Press Council does not confine its activities on the written press, but receives complaints about radio and TV organizations too.

The Press Council's income depends on the annual fees of the individual members, newspapers, news agencies, radio and TV channels, and journalistic associations who have become members of the Council. The Turkish Press Council does not accept donation or contribution from the public sector.

The Supreme Board of the Turkish Press Council, apart from the sixteen members elected in the annual convention (eight journalists and 10 lay members) has another 18 members, representing dailies, radio and TV organizations, provided they are members of the Council. Thus the members of the Board are 34 in all. During adjudication of a complaint, if a member of the Board has a connection with that media group (or newspaper etc.), he/she cannot take part in the process.

The Press Council, like most of the other Councils established on voluntary basis, considers it absolutely essential that "freedom of communication" and "freedom of expression" be developed. In fact the views of the Council on these issues have been well received, so that two laws have been enacted, one in 1997, the other in 2001, whereby Turkey has succeeded to drop from the list of countries with maximum number of jailed journalists. ?Again another proposal — concerning the transparency of the public sector — submitted to the Parliament by the Press Council, has found support and was included in the agenda of the relevant parliamentary commission.

The Turkish Press Council, in past years, would receive forty to sixty complaints per year. In the year 2000-2001 the Council received 134 complaints. Out of these, 90 files were adjudicated, 22 have been "reprimanded," 36 files were "censured,"32 files were rejected. Of the applications to the Council, 17 files were not processed, because they had not fulfilled the procedural requirements. Two complaints were resolved by conciliation.


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Kibris Turkish Press Council

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