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Current Status: active

Press Council: China

The Journalistic Ethics Committee, All China Journalists Association 

Zhang Yannong (chair of board of directors);

 Shao Huazhe,( Honorary Chairman)

 Tian Congming (Honorary Chairman)

Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd.




The All China Journalists Association started an ethics commission on December 29, 2015. Up to now, in addition to individual provinces, the work of journalistic ethics committee has been fully opened in the provinces, regions and municipalities. 

The Journalistic Ethics Committee is responsible for the Economic Daily, China Central Television, China Youth Daily, People's Daily, Xinhua and five other central media channels.  


Updated: 22/08/2017

NOTE: No current information can be found on this press council. It is likely disbanded. 


Mr Pan Huan-kuan (Chair); Lai Kuo-chou (Secretary general)

6F, 78 Chang-An East rd.

Section 2

Taipei 104

Taiwan - Republic of China

Tel: 886 2 2 515 3211

Fax: 886 2 2 515 32 33

The National Press Council (NPC) of the Republic of China (ROC), founded in 1974, currently consists of eight news groups — the News Editors Association, the News Agency Association, the National Association of Broadcasters, ROC, the ROC Television Association, Taiwan Province Press Association, Taipei Press Guild, Kaohsiung City Press Association, and Taipei Journalists Association — and was established to safeguard press freedom, promote press discipline, and raise the standards of media ethics.

The NPC review board consists of veteran journalists, scholars of journalism, legal experts, and prominent civic leaders. The panel regularly assesses media quality in Taiwan in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Chinese Journalists, the Code of Ethics for the ROC Press, the Code of Ethics for ROC Radio Broadcasting, and the Code of Ethics for ROC Television.

The NPC reviews complaints raised by the public and announces its conclusions after investigations and hearings. The NPC publishes a monthly magazine and numerous books exploring news issues. The council cooperates with the electronic and print media to promote the exchange of public views. ??[Source: ROC Yearbook 2003]