Europe: Slovenia

Current Status: active

Press Council: Slovenia

Novinarsko častno razsodišče, Ethics Commission of Journalists 

Gojko Bervar (President)

Jelena Aščić (Vice-President)

Journalistic Honour 
Slovenian Association of Journalists 
Vošnjakova 8 

1000 Ljubljana 

tel: 01 426 03 63 
fax: 01 426 03 64




The Press Court and Ethics Commission is a common self-regulatory body union which ensures that the members of the journalistic community and the authors of journalistic texts and articles comply with ethical and professional rules. The complaints can be made on breaches to the Code of Journalists of Slovenia. The Concil is ruled by a tribunal, which consists of nine elected journalists and editors as well as two representatives of the public and addresses of anyone trying to protect their rights or promote better journalistic ethics. 





Novinarsko Castno Razsodisce, Journalists' Ethics Council of Slovenia

Mr Vili Einspieler (Chair); Ms Spela Stare (Secretary general)

Drustvo novinarjev Slovenije

Wolfova 8

1000 Ljubljana


Tel: 386 1 426 03 63

Fax: 386 1 426 03 64



Last Update - Aug 2006