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Здружение на новинарите на Македонија, Association of Journalists of Macedonia 

Naser Selmani-Vest (President)

Gradski zid, blok 13

1000 Skopje


Tel: 389 (0)2 3298 139

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The Association of Journalists of Macedonia  (AJM) was founded in 1946. AJM is member of International Federation of Journalists.
AJM is an independent, non-governmental and non- political party organization whose purpose is to be the protector and promoter of professional standards and freedom of expression. Specific objectives of the AJM are:

  • Defend freedom of press, radio, television and other media;
  • Fights against their abuse, the creation of monopolies and any form of censorship that affects the determination of truth, complete, unbiased, updated public information;
  • Protects and promotes the freedom of rights and responsibilities of journalists, based on the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Macedonia, Statute and Acts of AJM, and international documents concerning the freedom of the media, and the exercise of expression and information as basic Human Rights.
  • Protect the reputation and dignity of the journalists and the journalistic profession and protects and promotes freedom of critical and creative work.
  • Represent its members in front of the community and actively participates in the preparation of legislation and inter-national conventions of interest to the profession and defend the journalistic interest in regards of the Code of Ethics.


The Council The Council of Honour is the sole self-regulatory body of journalists in Macedonia. Its primary task is to look after and to promote the ethical principles, criteria and standards of profession al and responsible journalism stipulated in the Code of Journalists of Macedonia.

The role of the Council of Honour is not to exert censorship or auto-censorship. Its role is to set up and to defend the principles of ethical, balanced and objective journalism which will respect human rights where the role of the editorial policy of the medium is completely observed. The good or ethical journalism is in favour of the public. It offers information which is accurate, reliable and balanced.

This type of journalism is the voice of the public and it is not and it must not be under the influence of the parties. It must make a difference between the facts, the commentary and the opinions-whereby it will differ in practice from the tabloid and propagandistic journalism which serve some other purposes and interests which do not fulfil the criteria in the Code.

The observance, respect and promotion of the Code is in favour of improvement of the credibility of the media in the public and they are perceived not only as free, but also as responsible media.

At the same time, the respect of the Code protects the journalists themselves as they refrain from accepting work that is not in line with the professional standards. It also exempts the journalists from judgment of other people as they are subject to judgment by their colleagues.


Updated: 17/08/2017


Ilija Stefanovski ( President)

The Council of Honour is an independent body of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM). The Council of Honour is composed of five members elected by the AJM Assembly from the regular members of the Association.

The Council of Honour is a body respected and recognized by all Macedonian journalists and the Macedonian public. Besides journalists, often the common citizens also file complaints.

The members of the Council of Honour elect their President, who is also member of the Council of Honour. The current President of the Council is Ms. Katerina Blazevska, and the other members include Marko Ilkovski, Bosko Nacevski, Mirce Adamcevski and Gajur Seh (who unfortunately died in January 2004). ??The Council has a mandate of four years.

The main activities of the Council of Honour are:

  • Monitors realization of the principles and provisions of the Statute and the Code of the AJM.
  • Launches and carries out procedure if the professional principles and norms of the AJM Code have been violated.
  • Independently launches or suggests discussion by other AJM bodies of issues in the public informing sector that violate the norms and principles of the Code. 
  • Decides on reports for violation of the norms and provisions of the Code.
  • Monitors the application of the Statute.

Appeal of a decision of the Council of Honour can be filed with the Executive board of the AJM, within 30 days after the decision was published. The Assembly decides on complaints from the Executive Board. ??The Council receives between 20 and 30 complaints every year.

Last Update - Aug 2017