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Visuomenės informavimo etikos asociacija, Ethics Commission of Journalists and Publishers

Vaiva Zukiene (president)

Viktoras Popandopula (Association Director)

Tel. +37 (5) 2608288


J.Basanavičiaus. 4B, Vilnius  
Tel: +37 (0) 52 60 8288


Media Ethics Association

Vilniaus g. 35, Vilnius (legal address) 
J.Basanavičiaus. 4B, Vilnius (office), 
tel. + 37 (5) 2608288 
Code: 303601856 
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Public Information Ethics Association was established on 27 January 2015.  Its founding members include: public information producers, and journalists' organizations such as, The Lithuanian Journalists' Union, The Lithuanian Journalists' Society, Free Media Association, Lithuanian Radio and Television Association, Regional Television Association, Lithuanian Cable Television Association, the national districts and towns Newspaper Publishers Association.

The Public Information Ethics Association aim is to ensure compliance with professional ethics, public awareness of ethical principles, and to raise awareness of the evualtation and analysis of news.

Public Information Act assigns to the Commission the following functions:

  • To take care of public information producers and disseminators of professional ethics education;
  • Examining professional ethical violations committed by public information producers or disseminators of information to the public;
  • To examine any complaints from the public information producers and disseminators of potentially breached the provisions of the Code;
  • Consideration of public information producers and disseminators of disputes concerning violations of the Code;
  • In cooperation with the state bodies and institutions to ensure public literacy through media development, information critical evaluation and analysis of the principles of dissemination;
  • The organization of public information in the field of professional ethical issues involved in the implementation of public institutions for strategic planning programs, operational plans.

By setting up a Media Ethics association of journalists and publishers' self-regulatory functions of an organization engaged in the Lithuanian Journalists and Publishers Ethics Commission.


Updated: 17/08/2017



Commission of Ethics of Lithuanian Journalists and Publishers

Mr Gintaras Songaila (Chair); Egidija Leveikaite (Assistant)

A. Vivulskio g. 23

03114 Vilnius


Tel: 370 5 213 55 60

Fax: 370 5 233 79 04


The Ethics Commission of Journalists and Publishers shall be a self-governance institution of the producers and disseminators of public information.

The Commission, which shall consist of 12 members to be appointed one member each, by:

  • The Human Rights Centre of Lithuania
  • The Lithuanian Psychiatrists’ Association
  • The Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference, the Lithuanian Association of Periodical Press Publishers
  • The Lithuanian Radio and Television Association
  • The Lithuanian Cable Television Association, the Regional Television Association
  • The Lithuanian Journalists’ Union
  • The Lithuanian Society of Journalists
  • The Lithuanian Centre of Journalism
  • Lithuanian National Radio and Television
  • The Lithuanian Branch of the International Association of Advertising,

It shall be formed and the procedure of its work shall be established by an assembly of the representatives of journalist and publisher organisations. Commission members shall be appointed for a term of three years.

The work of the Commission shall be organised by the Chairman of the Commission, who shall be elected by the Commission for a term of one year.

The Commission shall perform the following functions:

  • It shall concern itself with the development of the professional ethics of journalists
  • It shall examine violations of professional ethics committed in the course of providing information to the public, by journalists, producers of public information or responsible persons appointed by the owners thereof
  • It shall attribute press publications, film and video-film, radio and television programmes or broadcasts, to the mass media category of pornographic, erotic and (or) violent character
  • It shall supervise how public information producers and disseminators observe the requirements established by laws and other legal acts regarding the public showing of film, video-film and video programmes, circulation and distribution, public broadcasting of erotic nature shows, and procedure of dissemination of publications which are erotic and violent in nature
  • It shall supervise how regulations set forth by laws, prohibiting incitement of national, racial, religious, social or gender hatred, slander and disinformation are being adhered to

In performing its functions, the Commission may obtain assistance from experts delegated by the Ministries of Culture, Health and Justice.

All interested persons may contact the Commission.

In its activities the Commission shall be guided by the Republic of Lithuania Constitution, this and other laws, international agreements of the Republic of Lithuania, decrees of the President of the Republic, other legal acts passed by the Seimas and Government, also, the Code of Ethics of Lithuanian Journalists and Publishers and the Resolution of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, “On the Ethics of Journalism.”

The Commission shall work in accordance with the rules of procedure approved by it. Decisions of the Commission concerning violations in professional ethics or other violations, must be immediately published in those same mass media in which the Commission had established these violations. Should a producer and (or) disseminator of public information fail to publish the decision of the Commission pertaining to the violation of professional ethics in his own mass media, the Commission’s decision shall be announced on the National Radio of Lithuania.

Producers and disseminators of public information who disagree with the decisions made by the Commission may apply to the court regarding such. However, they must publish them according to the procedure established in paragraph 8 of this Article. ??10. The Fund for the Support of the Press, Radio and Television shall ensure funding of the necessary work by Commission experts, as well as information and technical servicing ??[Article 47 of the "Law on Provision of Information to the Public" - July 2, 1996, as amended by June 20, 2002)

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