Europe: Iceland

Current Status: active

Press Council: Iceland

Blaðamannafélag Íslands, Journalists Iceland

Hjalmar Jonsson (Chairman)

mobile phone. 897 4098,


Síðumúla 23

108 Reykjavik


Tel: +354 55 391 55

Fax: 354 55 391 77



Jóna Th. Viðarsdóttir (office manager)


The main task of BI is subject to collective bargaining and the rights of journalists and reporters, providing services and advice to members and safeguard the professional interests and rights of journalists and reporters. The company is also an advocate for the profession to legislative and executive. The company publishes the magazine journalist and stands as well as for training and seminars. The Ministry operates Journalists ethics committee acting in the complaints received alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct of the Company.

The Ethics Journalists have seats five members, three elected at the annual BI each year, nominated by publishers and one by iðfræðistofnun University. 

Updated: 17/08/2017