Europe: Georgia

Current Status: active

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics

Nino Zuriashvili (Chairman of the Board) 

David Kldiashvili (Secretary of the Board)

 Tamar Rukhadze (Executive Director)  


6a Shio Mgvimeli str.

0179, Tbilisi, Georgia




On December 4, 2009, 139 journalists signed an agreement to observe general professional standards, and with this signature became the founders and members of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics. The activity of the charter, as an organization, is defined by statute, and its 11 provisions are in accordance with international journalistic standards, which determine all the main professional principles of all the members of the charter. The goal of the Charter concerns the development of journalistic norms and professional standards, which includes their implementation and protection. Currently the charter is presented with 248 members. The charter is managed by nine council members as selected by the charter’s members. The council considers the facts of any violation of professional standards on the behalf of the charter’s members on the basis of submitted complaints, whereas the administration of the organization is carried out by the executive director as selected by the council through a contest.

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics is administered by a council consisting of 9 members.

Updated: 16/08/2017

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Nata Dzvelishvili (Executive Director)