Middle East: Iraq

KirkukNow: Code of Ethics

Current Status: active

Code of Ethics

  1. KirkukNow adheres to the journalistic values of fairness, accuracy, objectivity, honesty, impartiality and independence which are preconditions for the publication of any story.
  2. Freedom of the press and unveiling the truth are considered as core principles of KirkukNow.
  3. KirkukNow abides by the applicable laws and they keep the secrecy of their journalistic profession. Moreover, we show high respect to the private life and reputation of individuals.
  4. KirkukNow avoids publishing fabricated, fake and baseless stories.
  5. KirkukNow acknowledges mistakes, post correction and apology for any incorrect information we publish.
  6. Endeavour to refrain from provoking sectarian, ethnic and/or racist conflicts.
  7. Respect ethnic, religious and cultural diversity and the symbols of the components of the “disputed areas”.
  8. KirkukNow abides by publishing those articles which become a tool to boost coexistence among the components of the “disputed territories”.
  9. KirkukNow must not misuse and publish the goodwill of any individuals, parties and institutions. Meanwhile, KirkukNow and its freelancers protect the names of those special sources that provide them with information.
  10. KirkukNow refrains from disclosing names and photos of suspects or naming victims as “criminals” unless they are convicted by an independent court.
  11. KirkukNow must not engage in publishing photos and audiotape of individual privacies without prior notice and written permission, on the condition that such publication must not contradict the content of KirkukNow’s code of ethics.    
  12. KirkukNow journalists must reveal their real identities while performing their journalistic duty. Copyright of the materials they obtain during reporting is reserved to KirkukNow and they are not allowed to pass it over to other media outlets.