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Belgian Press Council: Journalistic Code of Ethics

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The right to information and freedom of expression and criticism are fundamental rights and fundamental for a democratic society. 
Journalists have the right and the duty to inform the public about matters of public interest. 
This should not be confused with public curiosity that does not have an absolute right to know everything. 
Journalists do not have an absolute right to full disclosure. 
The public's right to know these subjects determines freedom and journalistic responsibility.

Journalists are required to do standards arising from obligations

  • disseminate verified information;
  • collect and disseminate information independently;
  • acting honestly;
  • respect the rights of people.

Any other person brought to disseminate information is invited to adhere to these standards. 
The responsibility of journalists towards the public takes precedence over their responsibilities to special interests, public authorities and their employers.Journalists have an inherent social responsibility to press freedom.

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Updated: 28/02/2016