Asia: Singapore

Journalists' Code of Professional Conduct

Current Status: unknown

Every member shall maintain good quality of workmanship and high standard of conduct.

No member shall do anything that will bring discredit on himself/herself, his/her union, his/her newspaper or other news media or his/her profession.

Every member shall defend the principles of freedom in the honest collection and dissemination of news and the right of fair comment and criticism.

Every member shall realise his/her personal responsibility for everything he/she prepares for his/her newspaper or other news media.

Every member shall report and interpret the news with scrupulous honesty.

Every member shall use only honest methods to obtain news, pictures and documents.

No member shall accept any form of bribe whether for publication or suppression nor permit personal interest to influence his/her sense of justice.

Every member shall respect all necessary confidence regarding sources of information and private documents.

Every member shall keep in mind the dangers in the laws of libel, contempt of court and copyright.

Every member shall observe at all times the fraternity of their profession and shall never take unfair advantage of a fellow member.