Asia: Russian Federation

Code of Practice for Journalists from Nizhegorodskiy Rabochiy

Current Status: unknown

(Assured by the Directors Council of the daily newspaper “Nizhegorodskiy rabochiy”)

The main principles are:

  1. Each journalist must respect the truth and society’s right to know it. So the deliberate distortions of facts is inadmissible for journalists in all situations.

  2. Each journalist can use only that information whose source he/she knows. Journalists must get information, photos and documents by legal ways only.

  3. Journalists must point out the source of his/her information because his/her readers need to know about that source’s dependability. What goes for information goes for photos too.

  4. Each journalist ought to separate news from advertising.

  5. Each journalist must do his/her best to correct or refute inaccurate information, which can cause serious damage. Those corrections and refutations should be published very fast and should be placed very visibly.

  6. Each journalist must consider plagiarism, deliberate distortion of the facts, slander, insults and all kinds of bribes as serious professional violations.

  7. Each journalist must:

a. Pay attention for those people who could be hurt by his/her articles. And he/she must pay special attention to the children.

b. Be sensitive when collecting information and photos about tragedies.

c. Be careful with the names of people that are suspected of a crime when there are no official accusation yet.

d. Keep the balance between the right of the suspected person to an unbiased trial and the right of society to know the truth.

  1. Each journalist must avoid being a member of such organisations that could compromise him/her.

  2. The journalist must not work for two media organisations without permission.

  3. “Nizhegorodskiy rabochiy” understands that its employees may work for another newspaper but that work should cause no disturbance.

11.  A journalist may propose his/her article to another publisher if the editor of “Nizhegorodskiy rabochiy” refuses to publish it.

  1. “Nizhegorodskiy rabochiy” employees must not divulge the professional and commercial secrets of “Nizhegorodskiy rabochiy”.

  2. Each professional journalist is guided by these principles and by the laws of the Russian Federation.