Australia/Oceania, Asia: Papua New Guinea

Journalists Association Code of Ethics

Current Status: unknown

(Code inspired by the Australian code, adopted at indepen¬dence in 1975).

  1. To report and interpret the news with scrupulous honesty.

  2. Not to suppress essential fact and not to distort the truth by omission or wrongful emphasis.

  3. To respect confidences in all circumstances.

  4. To observe at all times the fraternity of their profession, and never take unfair advantage of fellow journalists.

  5. Never to accept any form of bribe, nor to permit personal interest to influence their sense of justice.

  6. To use only honest methods to obtain news, pictures and documents.

  7. To reveal their identity as representatives of the press, or of radio or television services, before obtaining personal interview for publication.

  8. Always to maintain, through their conduct, full public confidence in their integrity and dignity of their calling.